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All donations are applied to educational and sustainability programs.

Prrrppttt….that first burst of flavor from that sun ripe, still warm tomato….remember that?Or when you tasted that first green pepper without wax, so crisp, it almost was like eating an apple?

Oh, you worked sooooo hard to keep the gophers, birds and green worms from stealing your harvest, but you did it…think back, when was it that you had that garden? Were you 9 or 10?

Or, maybe your neighbor had too many peaches and shared some with you across the backyard fence. You remember the juice dripping down your chin and the fuzz still on the peach…funny, those store bought peaches don’t taste like that and where is the fuzz?

And remember when you were on vacation in the Grand Canyon and bought that had made wooden box? You used to store all your little treasures in it? I wonder where it is now? Hmmm….I wonder who made that box for you? Or that hand made leather tote bag….?

Ah, yes, those days are gone now. It’s fuel the suv and jump in and rush off to work and check off that to do list…
But you can still have those amazing tomatoes, you know where they are….when was that farmer’s market, on what street, what day? Where was that hand made crafts fair you saw with the crooked sign hanging down?

This is what makes life worthwhile, all of those quality moments & treasures that took time to make, time to craft that are so difficult to grasp and repeat….quality moments and experiences. This is what we are about…

Maybe you don’t have the time to garden anymore, but you like to support those who grow local food!

We are a conglomerate of local produce growers in a rural area who are in need of a distribution center and have created a farmer’s market and sustainability faire. 13 years ago I started on this journey to be a sustainable, off grid farmer…and learned it’s one thing to have the passion to grow the best, zero energy produce in the world, and another thing to figure out what to do with it if you are able to get a crop after the gophers, birds, wind, bugs, weather, squirrels, rabbits are done with their share!

I became a certified farmer’s market producer and participated in one of our local markets and learned that the success of a local farmer’s market is about quality, educational programs, creating community through relationships as well as combining live music entertainment, on location BBQ and attracting dedicated producers who will work together to create a great market. Creating community through direct relationships between the grower and the buyer, like that peach your neighbor gave you over the fence when you were a kid…One of the key elements to success of a small rural market is multiple cash flow sources like wholesale distribution to restaurants and CSA boxes on off seasons to keep connected with the customers.

I am CEO of an educational non-profit 501c3, Enthrall Inc. that functions as an agri-tourism marketing company. Our Santa Ysabel Farmers Market and educational Sustainability Faire will open Sunday October 9th, 2016 from noon-4:00 pm. in Santa Ysabel California at 21887 Washington St. 92070.

We are dedicated to creating and presenting educational and entertaining programs, tours and field trips of music, history, sustainable living and environmental awareness for all ages. By inspiring the people of our time through these experiences, we endeavor to gift their lives with the same qualities of integrity, determination, and strength of spirit so present in the pioneers.
The success of sustainability is about relationships between people who grow/produce & create products and people who enjoy those products.

Join us in the effort by donating to support our farmer’s market/sustainability faire and local food distribution and educational movement. We all eat, and securing our local food supplies is good for everyone! We are willing to do are part if you are. Your generous support will insure our success allowing others the opportunity to emulate our working prototype.

Our current programs:
Ongoing Historic Gold Rush musical tours in Julian California
Tour contains:
Gold Hill historic musical about Julian’s 1870 gold rush, the only Southern California gold rush.
Guided Town Tour
Lunch with one of our vendors
Guided historic gold mine tour in an original mine from 1870Quarterly public fund raising tours:
Julian Gold hill tour and Contra dance
Contra dancing is North American folk dancing that uses a caller and live Celtic music and is similar
to early square dancing in simplicity and movements.
Local CSA food box distribution/ local produce delivery

Meet The Farmer: a taste of local food
A Day At The Farm, field trip to a local farm and sample of produce.
Local Produce sales to restaurants & schools

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Celia Lawley

Enthrall Inc.